Materials of Cute Shower Curtains

We will find now on the market are selling shower curtains have style variety, but the material used in the production process is not the same. whether the material for Cute Shower Curtains produced relatively good?let’s compare the Cute Shower Curtains material, these problems will be solved.

In general, the main use of Cute Shower Curtains are made of two materials, which are textiles and plastics. Textile products include three materials which are polyester material, cotton and polyester blended material; while the plastic is mainly of three types such as EVA, PEVA and PVC. Here we are four aspects texture, temperature resistance, water resistance, and environmental protection for the comparison.

First, comparison from the point of view texture.

These three categories of textile shower curtains are made of textured touch up better; while in the plastic glue, EVA drape and feel the best texture and content of EVA positive correlation PEVA, the PVC curtains are good, but it feels ordinary.

Second, comparison from the point of view temperature resistance

Textile products may be resistant to low temperatures; while plastic products cold intolerance (away from radiators, Yuba).

Third, comparison from the view of water resistance

Textile product itself does not have waterproof function, so the product is usually in the surface coating of some waterproof material, but because of the different coated waterproof coating quality, the effect is different, while some waterproof layer can not use the washing machine to wash; however Plastic products are not only good waterproof performance, but also has the function of mildew.

Fourth, comparison from the functional point of view of environmental protection

Textiles itself does not smell, but there will be an odor coated waterproof layer; plastic curtains, there is a faint odor in addition to PVC, EVA and PEVA is environmentally friendly material with no smell.

Cute Shower Curtains