Polka Dots Curtains Lead the Vintage Trend

The polka dots pattern is the necessary accessory of the vintage element. No matter on the fashion Design or fitting, the polka dots pattern is popular among the customers. In now fashion market, the development of society and advanced science and technology. There are so many people like new and fresh things. But there are still many people like vintage style. Using the polka dots on the curtains are popular in many customers who like the vintage styles very much. The polka dots curtains lead the vintage trend and bring you into the new curtains word.

First, according to the whole decorate effect, the best color of polka dots vintage curtains is coffee, dark red and red colors. Use the high quality burlap to made the curtains. Then match the vintage furnitures will make the whole room become more luxury, noble and element.

Second, according to the privacy requirements, the blackout effect of polka dots curtains are very good. The curtains are twin-layer. The outer layer is sheer curtains, you can use the curtains at the day. The inner layer is the heavy burlap curtains. At night, the ctwotop floral curtains can protect our privacy and reduce the noise. Your bedroom is a place you have a relax. In my opinion, there may be no one will to expose their privacy to other people. So the polka dots curtains also can protect your privacy.

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Third, according to the soundproof effect. We know the glass can reflect the noise. So when we are falling asleep, the curtains are important to protect us have less influence of the noise outside. The polka dots curtains have the modest thickness and they have good soundproof effect. These polka dots curtains can protect you have a good sleep.

Forth, according to the blackout effect, polka dots are used the new high technology to made them. They are safe. They can make the strong sunlight we can not bear turn to the weak light we can accept. The blackout effect of polka dots curtains is very good. If you choose the curtains you will be pleated with them.