Living Room Curtains Can Give Your Living Room a Fresh Look

Curtains are just not hanged for their functional use. They also increase the visual appeal of your room. It highlights the furniture and other accessories present in the room. Simply

Personality highlighting window treatment: brown curtain and peach pink curtain

Very single color has its own meaning. Green refer to secret love while pink is a symbol for female. What brown color refer to? The answer is brown color refers

Buy suitable curtains for marriage room

Chinese couples are pursuing in marriage above their own style, so sometimes in order to create a romantic wedding room, many people will choose the traditional curtain, so you can

Curtain fabric selection

It should not follow your temper to get a arbitrarily choice of curtain fabric when you are going to select a curtain in the market for you have picked up

4 Kinds of Kids Star Curtains

When you choose a curtain for you kids, you need to know the hobby of your kids, and the girls room and the boys room are different. But if you

5 Styles of Long Prom Dresses

To attend the prom party, every women wants to the queen of the prom. In this case, you are not afraid to wear alternative instead of afraid you do not

5 Kinds of Modern Curtains

The curtains are full of decorative and the functional, it can adjust the light, temperature, sounds and the sights, the curtains are colorful and with lots of patterns, it is

4 Types of Ready Made Curtains

1. Eyelet Capri Luxury Lined Ready Made Curtains by Belfield 2. Montgomery Annoushka Ready Made Lined Curtains 3. Optional Printed Floral White Inexpensive Curtains 4. Ready Made

5 Types of Bedroom Curtains And Drapes

1. Elegant Master Bedroom Curtains And Drapes 2. Drapes And Curtains Designs 3. Custom Floral Beige Color Print Country Style Curtain 4. Luxury curtain and drapes for


卧室是人们休息的地方,所以在选卧室窗帘时,一定要以温馨宜人为主,可以选落地式、开合型等款式的窗帘,其窗帘的颜色、花样及风格与卧室的墙壁和床上用品相协调,可以是双层式的窗帘,不过在使用这种窗帘时,需注意布衬与窗纱的色彩不可反差太大,注意卧室的滑轨一定要消音或静音。 既然卧室是人们休息的地方,首先就需要有良好的避光性和通风性,而且它还可以根据季节的变化,来更换窗帘的颜色或款式。春夏季节,由于气候变暖,可用一些比较冷色调的窗帘来做装饰,让整个卧室有一丝凉意。颜色就可以选一些比较浅一点的,比如淡蓝色等等;秋冬季节,恰巧相反,选用暖色调的窗帘。 不同颜色的选择,是会对你的休息有影响的,假如你的卧室窗帘选一些刺激性的颜色,是会影响到休息的,比如深紫色,带有一股邪恶力量的颜色,假如躺在这样的卧室休息,我想你很难入睡了吧!选用这种影响睡觉的窗帘,还不如选一个帮助睡眠的窗帘,像淡粉色。 遮光性一定要好,假如周末休息,中午来个午觉的话,这个时间是一天中阳光最强的时候,如果不用淡紫色窗帘挡住外界的阳光,特别是阳面的房间,阳光是会照进来的,刺眼的阳光会让你无法入睡。同时,做好卧室内的通风,很多时候,卧室的通风不好,会让人特别难受,那就更不能好好睡觉了。 选卧室窗帘非常重要,挑选到不好的窗帘,会影响休息,从而影响第二天,只要让休息变好,才能有饱满的精神去面对所有的工作与挑战。